20 May 2013

pass it on...

Don't ask or wonder how I found these things,
I'm wondering myself.
Thing is once I find deals like this,
the little voice in the back of my likes to make it a reality.
1971 Harley Sportster Chopper

Someone has spent some time piecing this thing together.
Looks like it still needs a couple parts,
but wow what a neighbor shocker.
1971 Harley Sportster Chopper

Cool bike project at what seems like a great deal.
CL deal

If I had the money I think this one would be more my speed.
Yeah it looks kinda boring in comparison,
but I bet it is a good ride.
1977 yamaha xs650

Fortunately again I don't have anywhere near the dough,
but hmm maybe I could flip some stuff...lower it to 2K maybe...
CL deal #2

It's easier to put dreams like this out to pasture...
For now!


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