03 May 2013

AFM file - chinagirl fun

Here's something for the AFM file.
tank brazing mess

A couple years ago I wrote about a friend
that went hard for those chinagirl motorized bicycles.
Fortunately he doesn't know how to weld!
rough filed braze

Unfortunately for me everything he needs done has some catch.
Like brazing these tank fillers.
What made this tough was the original filler was brazed,
so the top was contaminated from the get go,
and the reason why it wasn't a normal weld.
There was a steel washer,
and after that the brass threaded part.
Just a pain in the bootay.
There's always a trick to learn or relearn,
and it was cool to get that stepped shape with the grinder.
I should have used silver solder but I misplaced the flux!
holey chit

Next up was a tank hole patch panel.
The best part about this was the inside was full of tank sealer!
patch panel fit

I must have been spun out with the smoke,
as there's no pics of it welded up.
Of course this had to be metal finished as it's going to the powder coater.

Added to the pile were some brackets for these little spun tanks.
rear mount fuel tank - motorized bicycle

Doing these in batches is much easier then a one-off.
Here's what one looks like mounted.
dutchman motorbikes - orange chinagirl

Again I screwed up by not taking a pic of the pile of exhausts.
He had scrounged up a ton of expansion chambers and random exhaust parts,
and a handful of custom pipes were welded up.
dutchman motorbikes - green chinagirl

This pipe looked basic but was actually 5 pieces.
Again this type of stuff is fun to do.
I must have a problem!

Dutchman Motorbikes

So yeah this is what happens when you can't say no to metalwork!


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