07 May 2013


This selection of pictures reminded me of that movie Memento.
The one when they edited the movie to go in opposite time directions.
One of my top 10 movies for sure.
Jaxon's chinagirl schwinn cruiser

For Jaxon's birthday present he wanted something simple,
a beater schwinn cruiser with a chinagirl engine kit.
A bit of a project but nothing we can't handle.
For his birthday he decided to clean it up.
Jakob's Schwinn Stingray project

Meanwhile Jakob had been pushing to get his stingray  back together.
After all these months of contemplating powdercoat or paint colors,
he chose the sanded orange and black patina finish with a rattlecan clear coat.
That's what happens when you watch your brother worry to much about scratches.
Jaxon scrubbing

This was a refugee from the "Burning Man",
and Jaxon found out that the fine sand was some sticky stuff.
It did not want to come off easily.
Jakob's Bobber Stingray

While Jakob had carefully pieced together his bobber Stingray.
Jaxon's chinagirl basketcase

Jaxon had found a way to make his a basketcase!

We call that fun around here.


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