21 May 2013


Another treasure had joined us over the weekend.
This beat up mini anvil.
What the heck did the previous owners make to get it like this?

Some of you are looking at it,
and thinking maybe you should have kept your $8.
This was like that abused pound puppy with 3 legs, one eye and eczema.
We actually left and returned later to get it.

Back on the bench,
a couple minutes with the wire-wheel,
I was surprised to see the old blue paint underneath.
A couple minutes with the sanding disc,
and for any realistic purposes this was ready to rock.

There you can see my old standby railroad track anvil,
cut by an old friend Kevin Perry up in Ventura.
It looks primitive and it is only roughly shaped,
but man that thing has helped make a ton of metal pieces.
I thought about forming the point part a bit better,
but the sharp edges work well for hammering corner pieces.
soft rulers

On a tangent,
this was the last straw for that tape measure.
For over a week it had been stuck out at the 3 foot mark.
I can't just let stuff like this go,
and four years of service is not enough.
Now it lives on like an organ donor.
stash ruler

These cut down rulers are super handy.
They fit anywhere and are basically disposable.
I'll blow through the first 8 or 9,
and then keep the last one for months.
ken's old box

Now there's something to stash in Ken's old tool box door.
Hey Ken if you're reading this,
hope your hanging in there out in Afghanistan!

Okay where were we...
railroad track anvils

This little anvil will only see light duty use,
sheetmetal and aluminum,
and the idea was to lock it in the vice like this.
old iron

It wasn't the most sturdy of locations.
The best thing would be to bolt it down.
Since there was still some daylight,
a little tab was whittled out of some scrap.

I dragged the torch out to preheat it,
than stick welded it with some 7018.

clamp party

I've got this hammer-weld-forge method.
While it's still red hot I'll hammer the weld one or two times.
Maybe not the correct way to do this,
but nothing chipped off after some test hammering,
so it'll be good for what I need it for.


In the next couple weeks,
I'll be putting this baby to work.
Stay tuned!


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