02 June 2013


Now that the SBF runs,
it was time to button up the cooling system.

I liked the idea of capping off the extra flathead in and outlets,
rather then flat patching them.
No reason to butcher a 75 year old radiator!
Some extra brass 1+5/8" freeze plugs fit perfectly.
Much easier then modifying those copper caps.

The caps were hammered to get a tight fit,
than soldered up.
I think that solder roll is from the same era!
stool time

Yes the stool lives!
It's been awhile.
leak test

Some water added for an unpressurized leak test...

Now it was time to button her up.
The reducers doubled the amount of hose clamps.
Luckily I collect them!
cool SBF

A couple gallons of drinking water added for now,
and this thing was an idler!

Here's a blurry video.
Not the most exciting engine I know,
but it seems solid enough for a cruiser.
It is a great to hear it's alive!


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