02 May 2013

right tool for the job

I've come to believe that the grinder is my default tool.
if I had a robotic arm,
it would have a grinder attachment.
mercury grand marquis

The wife got stuck today at the grocery store.
Luckily it was a simple jump start,
and at least she was only over the hill.

The problem was a frozen bolt on the battery crimp,
instead of tightening it would just spin.
Aren't these things supposed to last more than 10 years?
After wasting time with a wrench, oil and then some vice grips,
the easiest solution was the good old grinder.
Jaxon wrenching

One good thing about having a look-a-like detective car,
it's easy to temporarily block the alley.
Thanks Jaxon for finishing it up!


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