09 May 2013

Holey Water™

Here's a story about some relatively simple looking washers.
big ole warshers

They're just roughed in right now,
the building blocks of a simple contraption.
whittling stainless

Those David Clark ear protectors make all this possible.
The wife says I look like Mickey Mouse.
Tinnitus is not your friend!

I've got a knack for milking the life out of all my tools.
This has been learned by
1-being extremely frugal
2-working overnight to a deadline
3-being extremely frugal.
I'm the guy that will shave down the brushes from a saw to fit in a grinder.

Here's another good example,
as stainless steel is really hard on tools.
Probably 5 or 6 years ago,
the threads wore out in either this hole saw or arbor.
The easiest thing to do was to weld it all together.
At the time,
I was probably hoping to at least get it through that project.
how to sharpen a hole saw

long ago I figured out the trick to sharpening worn hole saws.
Using a dremel tool and those little discs that explode if you angle them wrong,
it only takes a couple minutes.
I'd guess this particular hole saw has cut through hundreds of holes.
There are 3 or 4 different sizes just like this.
They are like heirlooms.
Holey Water™

A couple things really help out.
Besides using a decent model or brand,
one tip is a relatively slow RPM,
and the other is Holey Water™
It is so much nicer to breathe in steam,
rather than burning cutting oil smoke.
The trick is to use some WD-40 at the very end,
so the tool doesn't flash rust.
holey chit

I'm sure you are wondering where can you get this special water,
this Holey Water™ that I speak of.
Email me or write out a comment,
and I'll see what I can do.
We can even make a deal for a Holey Water™ & Holey Chit™ care pack!


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