14 May 2013

mud therapy

The rusty Tres Huevos project is sitting out in the elements.
I did a half-a$$ attempt at covering it up during the past rains,
but nothing like the protection from the TJ tarp.
plastic fantastic

It's been a couple weeks now,
and I still haven't had the time to finish the last bit of sheetmetal welding.
bondo picasso

Since the body filler was out for my uncles fender,
I decided to smooth the 40 up a little too.
mud puppy

There are a bunch of weld seams that have bugged me,
and I had already started the wire wheel-sand-epoxy primer on certain spots,
trying to prep the rusty metal as good as possible without sandblasting.
primer test

This isn't the typical car you would see in this neighborhood.
Well maybe it is as Papa's truck (1957 chevy) is a couple houses up,
but at least it hides it's rust with a green paint job.
hammer time

So it was funny,
as I was sanding away,
a couple neighbors passed by.
"Looks like quite a project..."
"Um yeah..."
"You trying to get rid of that rust?!"
"Um no...well yeah..."
third pass

Little did they know,
I was focusing on the few random areas that had actually been painted.
touch up

The goal really is to blend in the bumpy spots to the smooth rusty patina,
basically hiding any of the obvious modifications.
smooth enough

Now looking at these pictures,
I can see why the neighbors were getting a kick out this.
They have no idea how far this thing has come.
fine lines

All I can say,
is that this was some of the best therapy I've had in a while!
Hopefully it wasn't the fumes.
chopped, channeled & sectioned 1940 ford coupe

I've got to remember that it's worth throwing in a couple hours here and there.
I'm digging this view!
chopped,  channeled & sectioned 1940 ford coupe

Yeah I see the green 40 over there in the garage.
It's tricky to juggle all these projects,
but as long as something is getting done then they all move forward right?



  1. Beautiful project!
    I love this car !

  2. Thanks Wise Guys!
    Hopefully you will like it after I cut up the hood!