23 May 2013

bike time 51 - fish mouth project

An old pre-perich brothers artifact,
recently unearthed from the dregs of storage.
This is probably my oldest unfinished project,
going on 17-19 years now!
fishmouth bike frame

Back then it was easier building out of fiberglass vs metal.
This was all shaped out of a surfboard-like foam.
Much quicker to make crazy curves like this.
modded schwinn frame

The drawback is durability.
Surprising it has lasted this long.
I bombed out when the resin coat warped out the side pieces.

There is a lens step for an integrated headlight.
I did a couple bikes like these.
Something fun to do that took very little space.
Imagine it with fenders and a chainguard.

Most likely it'll get hung back up in the rafters.
Just a cool little piece of history.


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