28 May 2013


Office of the day...

Here's the wrap-up for those mysterious rings.
perich brothers (and sister): Holey Water™

Everything starts with a template.

Most people think there's a magical replicator that creates shiny objects.
Little do they know it's usually a guy with a glorified grinder.

While you may think making circles with a grinder is tough,
it's more fun than searching for hard to find materials online.

They say all you ever needed to learn was from kindergarten,
but in this case it was 5th or 6th grade compass work.

After all was said and done I realized it may be time for a new phone.
My old droid-copy is pushing 3 years now and sometimes pictures disappear,
or come out super blurry.
Whatever they weren't too exciting just a bunch of clamping cutting and welding.

These were tricky as the space was tight.
The backing plate is threaded and the bottom piece is for a future strut.
pulling a shmedley

Here's a rare picture of me in action,
pulling a shmedley as Folsom does the actual labor.
Hey I've been doing this a long time,
and know how fun it is to holesaw fiberglass!

Check out my handiwork with the vacuum.
It's incredible.
Nice action shots Tom!
double team

If you've ever worked with fiberglass,
the vacuum (or a fan) is your friend.
Just remember to make sure there is a filter,
so the dust doesn't just get blown back at you.
Years of experience...
yacht work

The funny thing about doing shiny yacht work,
is it's best to make sure you bring an onsite buffing wheel.
fastener mods

Those backing plates were a bit too perfect for the depth of the hole,
even though they were designed close to the thickness of the deck.
Instead of having a catch lip from the sharp edges of the screws,
the flat tops were gently rolled down.
Top secret stuff.
Also remember to get twice as many fasteners,
the first set to fit and gouge up taking off and on.
custom stainless

After gluing them up,
they looked like they were custom made for the boat.

Fun project!


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