16 May 2013

viva mexico

Yesterday was our monthly TJ trip to the dentista,
and was also the year anniversary for the wife's braces.
dental mold or mould?

It is unbelievable the transformation in only one year - 8 visits.
I don't quite understand how the teeth can move so much,
since they are set in bone.
According to her there is a bit of pain involved!
In America they figured at least 2 years to straighten out her mouth,
most likely to have a longer time with less discomfort.

Anyway it was a shock to see how crooked her teeth were in comparison.
I always liked them but healthwise it's better to have them fixed up.
Couple more months and hopefully she'll be done.
the wife

This is an extremely rare photograph of "the wife"!
Honda CG 150 Titan motorcycle

On the way out I had a clean shot of a popular motorcycle down here.
It's a little honda 150cc and they are all over the place.
Check out the trunk box on the fender!
It's like a cycle truck.
I'd love to have one of these to buzz around town.

Honda made a similar bike for the Indian market - Honda Unicorn.

Honda Unicorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and it looks to have the same motor.
These things are rated at 120-130 mpg!
In San Diego,
little vespa-like scooters are really popular,
and I'm not sure what the hold up is for the little motorcycles.
I guess there are more people like me,
who like to drive big vans and suv's carrying 100's of pounds of junk everywhere!
calimax score

On the way back we couldn't pass up the calimax run.
All this stuff for about $25!
Those are liter bottles too!

Viva Mexico...


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