28 April 2013

Midas Touch

I've been an ebay fanatic lately.
Surprisingly with all the fees ebay tacks on,
 ebay sellers still have had the best deals
on most of the missing parts for the 40 ford project.
Even with shipping costs.
usps packages

There is a method of recycling,
as I'll post a couple things up,
which fills the paypal account enough to reuse it for what's needed.
Great way to clean up as well as load up.

The drawback with any internet purchase is the shipping time.
It takes a huge amount of patience waiting for the goods to come in.
$300 fuel filter

While searching around I've found out I'm in the wrong business.
Most of us know there is a way to sort out the ebay list,
by lowest price, highest price, nearest distance, completed items etc.

Usually similar items are within a relatively close price gap,
however every now and there are auctions which blow my mind.
$600 for 5 fuel filters

This guys listings were crazy.
Somehow he is able to sell one plastic fuel filter for $300!
His great deal is selling 5 plastic fuel filters for $620!
I guess that's like getting 3 for free but what the heck!
12 fuel filters $40

That means this other guy is giving these things away at 12 for $40.
In the UK this pile is $1500!
How can the overpriced guy actually have sold dozens of these filters?
$600 pull starter

Out of curiosity I looked at his other items.
Here's another great deal - $600 for a $2 pull starter!
This guys definitely got the Midas Touch when he resells his junk!
$2 pull starter

I'm thinking there must be some kind of glitch in the program or something.
If he's able to sell $20 worth of pull starters for $6000,
like I said I'm in the wrong business!


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