03 June 2013

Mud Therapy II

Ready for round two of Mud Therapy?
perich brothers (and sister): mud therapy
1940 ford coupe chopped channeled & sectioned

It seems like I'm a little obsessed here and maybe I am,
but sometimes that's the only way to get stuff done.
stool time!

Finally buckled down and finished the welding on the patch panels.
Not the most fun thing to do,
and it came out just ok.
Lotsa jockeying back and forth with the hammer and dolly.
Really I should have taken the door off,
which may be the way to finish it later on.

This was another part that was screaming to be fixed.
A good size bowl was created earlier with lazy welding and fitting.
The decklid hinge mount is right under this seam,
in addition to blind cross-hand hammering,
this was one of those good as it could results.
triple clamp

There was a need for some immediate gratification,
and the easiest way to do that was to fill up those corner pieces.
Macey James Perich & Tres Huevos 1940 ford coupe

If you look closely to the left of Maceys face,
you'll see the little corner pieces are finally filled in.
Team Perich Brothers & Sister

Now it was time to flip the car around.
Enlisting the help of Team PB&S,
we slid it around with the jack.
Right into the telephone pole.
Macey & Jakob surveying damage

What could we do.
At least the lights weren't installed.
Time to crack open a beer.
winter hook in summer

After a bunch of sanding and hammering,
some ospho rust converter was set on certain spots.

And by saturday night a thick coat of epoxy was rolled on.

The next day was supposed to be a big day.
The plan was to cut up the hood and really make some noise.
Decided to jumpstart by tackling the last little hole.
holey chit

The little swap meet anvil was ready for duty.
anvil patch panel

As usual this took a little longer than expected.
Probably why I never fixed it.
patch panel

This was a tricky one as it lipped around the door jamb.
Now the worst spot was like the best spot.
tools of the trade

A stiff breeze instigated some bondo work.
Out came the can of Evercoat.
bondo picasso

This was in between sandings.
Just enough plastique to soften up the seams.
It is still rough,
but acceptable to the total condition of the rest of the sheetmetal.
mud therapy II

Spots that were held back on the earlier Mud Therapy were smoothed out.
The Evercoat sands so smooth and quick this took maybe an hour.
chopped, channeled and sectioned 1940 ford coupe

This may look like the same old shot on your little cell phone,
but it is a night and day difference in person since last week.
I can't believe it's at this point after all these years.
Check out a couple years ago all those gaps.
It's crazy how much work this has involved.
No wonder guys build motorcycles!
team perich brothers & sister

Sure there are some nasty spots still,
but nothing screams at me.
Okay except the hood.
Really I'd be happy to drive it around just like this,
but I am a bit of a hack!
1940 ford chop top

Now it's time for a ton of small stuff,
mainly in the interior around the window frames.
That's the stuff that really takes forever!


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