19 June 2013

pencil masterpiece - sloppy's knuckle

You know there's a problem when the wifes Iphone
is more powerful then the 6+ year old home computer.
My 3 year old droid clone is on the dullest edge.
I've been in this position before,
and know now is the time to start scraping any photos and info together.
Before these become Lost Files I'll be throwing some not to recent things on here...
Sophorn "Sloppy" Sin's Knucklehead pencil masterpiece

One of my favorite barely visible photos is Sloppy's penciled knucklehead.
This thing is awesome in detail.
How many people take the time to actually draw with a paper and pencil,
when it is so easy to do a rendering with photoshop.
I know to him it's almost more of a curse to be able to do it this way!
Sophorn "Sloppy" Sin's Knucklehead lead masterpiece

The cellphone camera definitely does not give any justice or flattery.
It was 4am and we were lucky to have 2 34 watt light bulbs,
rather than the one that I am used to!
hidden treasures

He's got some cool chit stashed in here.
mad man sophorn "sloppy" sin

Well hopefully he doesn't get chapped that I posted up these top secret pics,
and continue to call him Sloppy!
Figuring the 36 people that sometimes read this can't be too bad.
More good times of his here...
If you're bored roust him and tell him to post (and draw) more!


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