17 June 2013

father's day festivities

Went to the annual Padres game Saturday night with old friend Rob.
His tickets get better and better every year.
padres vs arizona - 2013

We were sitting around a bunch of Ari-zoners,
so it was nice the padres pulled off a win.

You know you've had a good time when your friend loses his iphone!
I did good and was able to bring home both my sunglasses and flask,
although I didn't bring home as much money as I left with.
I missed the picture of the tasty but expensive bratwurst pepper dog.

padre fireworks

Almost 20 years ago now,
I was surprised that Rob still had his self-made speakers.
These things are thumpers with 18" woofers,
double tweeters and double midrange.
Would be fun to test these out with the mc2300.
rob's monster speakers

Needless to say my light hangover slowed me down a bit for Father's day!
I was a zombie the whole morning.
The wife and I did get a quick beach cruise with the hot rod.
After 10 years this was probably the fifth time she's gone for a ride!
perich brothers and sisters mom and dad

The other stuff we did gets it's own post,
so stay tuned...


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