13 June 2013

sweat factory revisited

Last year we had it easy with no smog checks.
Now both of our white Fords are gonna take us to the sweat factory.
Typically I'm a cheapskate for stuff like this that's out of my control.
I'll search around for deals and maybe find a coupon.
For smog it's totally different.
No deals.
There's that element of uncertainty and risk,
second only to gambling.
I'll let my superstitious side take over,
and go with statistical history and luck.
Which means going to the same guy that has taken our money for the past 5 years now.

perich brothers (and sister): sweat factory

holey chit

It's been 2 years and the same guy is at it
with the same crusty cockatoo in the shop.
I had prepared the car by checking the tire pressure,
and the all important oil change.
A short freeway cruise to heat up the cats and we were good to go.

In San Diego they have a load or speed check.
There's an automated roller mechanism in the floor.
mercury on the roller

You don't know if you pass or fail until after the information is sent to the dmv.
After all the button pushing is done,
there are a couple minutes of hope and uncertainty.
Way worse than the dentist.
The girl before us failed her test so we knew red was bad.
Fortunately the screen was all green for us.
What a relief.
One down one to go this october.
Now hopefully the old merc will last another 2 years!


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