25 June 2013

wrenching - day 1

This week marks the transition from grinding to wrenching.
Maybe it's the passing of the big full moon,
or maybe the realization that it's already summer,
and I've got 2 non-running projects.
chief on the operating table

So why not tear apart the hot rod that actually drives!
It's not that the projects have totally stalled mechanically,
I have been slowly gathering parts needed.
Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator

This Holley fuel pressure regulator was scrounged up,
and after all the adapters needed for the fittings,
ended up way too big for the green 40.
The fuel system wasn't designed for a big regulator.
After way too much time was spent imagineering a spot,
it was easier to swap regulators with Chief.
chief fuel system - before

This was always a half-ass part of the car.
The 6-volt fuel pump pushed too much gas,
so the cheesy inline fuel regulator was needed to control the leaking carbs.
chief fuel system - after

The regulator fit perfect and looks like it was meant to be.
Now the guy behind us will know the fuel pressure.

This was an ebay score,
and I was hoping it was the correct low pressure regulator,
as there were no numbers on the housing.
Fortunately it was and the pressure was dialed down a bit.
No wonder the carbs leaked the pump shot out over 6 psi!
low pressure

This was the goal,
an old inline pressure regulator.
These used to be $15 but are now over 30.
cheesy inline fuel regulator

The beater carb had been swapped out earlier on the 302,
as there was some leakage and this carb was rebuilt.
302 SBF

After some fitting changes,
the regulator was hard-lined in place.
Perfect spot.
blurry goodness

Now let's see if it will work.
Remember before this I had to switch the pump off and on,
so the bowl didn't overflow.
old battery

Well the test fizzled out,
as the battery was totally powerless.
Dang it I thought batteries lasted more than 7 years!
This one was scrounged up used from my Dad's work project that long ago.
older battery

No problem,
get out the old standby Optima.
Dang it this one didn't have the juice either!
I think this one was older than the grey one.
They both had been charged up just didn't have the umph.

By then the blue ball effect had worn down.
The last resort battery was pulled from the rusty 40,
which was from an old boat project.
Before hooking it up decided to trickle charge it overnight.
We'll have to wait til tomorrow.
70's ford brake master cylinder and combination valve

Instead of quitting,
I threw some time into starting the brake lines.
The disc brake front has taken a ton of studying.
A combination or proportioning valve supposedly evens out the pressure,
along with some residual valves.
It was a good time to get started and at least the first little run was figured out.
The plan is to get as much done this week on mechanical stuff,
on any project.
Let's see how it goes...


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