29 June 2013


 Yesterday was a bit of a chill in the garage day,
and after writing up the post about the speakers,
I decided to check out craigslist after lunch and see what was up.
JBL century craigslist score

Of course what do I find but a sweet pair of JBL Century speakers!
Only a half hour had gone by since they were posted up,
but in San Diego that's forever.
I emailed the person and actually got a reply,
but as the day progressed to night,
it looked like someone else made out with them.
Super bummer cause the ad was up til the next morning!

Klipsch Forte craigslist score

Another listing had also appeared,
for some beater looking Klipsch Fortes.
We've got a pair of these and they are great sounding speakers,
and wow for $90 this was a steal.
Again someone else got this score.

Not like we need more speakers,
but man for those prices it's hard to resist temptation!
Now I don't even want to look to see what I'm missing!


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