18 June 2013

lego engineering saves the day

In my continuing effort to squeeze all the life out of our mac mini,
a temporary solution appeared while eating breakfast.
macey's lego time

A couple months ago the old mac was heating up,
and the easy solution was to vacuum out the dust,
and raise it up off the dusty desk top.
perich brothers (and sister): daisy chain
This definitely helped,
but over long periods the little computer would warm up.
The computer is the second bottom box there in the stack.
No wonder it would warm up with no aeration space.
Hey Ken!! Still use it.

I had a crazy idea to make a sheetmetal aluminum shelf,
complete with air-sink fins,
as the mac heat radiates from the bottom.
Yeah like that would be high on my STD list.
lego engineering

Now that Macey is getting her turn with the kids Lego stash,
the solution was obvious and only took a couple minutes.
Lego Stacks!
Now the hard drives don't soak up the heat from the computer.
Let's see how long this will last!


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