05 June 2013

roughing it

 Clearing out some phone pics now,
and this would have been a good instagram picture.
power tower

We had gone on a little hike to see nature,
and of course ended up at this power tower.
perich brothers & sister
jakob jaxon macey

I used to think i was fun to climb these things!
east county sunset

We had gone to Lake Jennings less than an hour east.
This was back on Mothers day a couple weeks ago.
what outhouse?

My parents decided to camp out there for the weekend.
It was hard to break the cycle and stop working on projects.
We did have a good time just hanging out.
lake jennings

Jakob found some fishing gear.
No luck though.
roughing it Perich Sr. style

This is how they rough it in southern california.
margarita time

Now I need to put camping on our STD list over the summer.
The kids can't think that this is it!

ford sportsmobile van

Also saw this cool 4x4 van out there.
Not sure why someone would want a black one.
They sure didn't say no to any bell or whistle in the catalog!


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