18 June 2013

end of the line

What could be so important about a pile of bricks.
brick pile

Over the past 30 years this pile has slowly reduced to what you see here.
These were pulled from a building downtown,
about the time I was my kids age.
There was a huge stack back then,
and I remember it was home to the most huge centipedes.
the pit

The majority were spread in the parents back yard during high school,
and they're still there.
I should edit a pic in here later on.
The dwindling pile has been periodically moved from open spot to open spot.
Scowling Jakob

It looks like this is the end of the line.
The final resting place.
Somehow Jakob got tricked into helping the move,
we were only supposed to drop by and say "Hi!"
Little did he know the special memory was passing to the next generation!


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