27 June 2013

wrenching - day 2

This is going to be another not too exciting post.
By trying to build up the momentum,
maybe seeing how slow movement is will get my a$$ in gear!
2 LB residual valve assortment

I tried to be thrifty by getting the combination and residual valves as a kit.
It bewilders me that the people that sell these things
wouldn't make a kit that is actually complete.
Since the FORD combination valve was being used,
two 2lb residual valves were needed for the front brakes,
not only the one that they included (with a 10 for the rear)
A second valve was ordered that looked like the one I had,
and low and behold there are different variations of these things.
disassembled residual valve

The valves in the kit have flare fittings or adapters,
so the 3/16" line threads right into the 3/8"-16 fitting.
The new style is a little different.
There is a 7/16"-24 nut included that needs to be reflared into the line.
The other side has the adapter.
It's not a big deal but I did notice that the picture didn't have the black nut.
Oh well that's internet shopping.
spent double flare tool

The flare tool is on its last legs.
The clamp nut had broke years ago,
and the new nut had finally stripped out the cheesy pivot bolt.
Good thing the vice is bolted down as it works fine like this.
finished residual valve

The mismatched thread sizes make it fool proof
to install the valve in the correct direction.
Maybe that's the reasoning behind this version.
ford master cylinder + combination/proportioning valve

Now the front lines are connected to the calipers.
The list for the rear lines was made up,
but that will be for another day.
I'll pull the rear hubs to see what brake parts are needed first.
Now to find something that doesn't cost money...

ween - don't chit where you eat

The new brake setup in the green 40 required 3/16" brake line,
which meant ripping out all the old 1/4" brake lines and hoses.\
Why waste all that earlier work?
The brakes actually worked great for 4-wheel drums.
Everything may fit without too much modification in the rusty 40.
We had been using the old "throw the wood block under the wheel" trick.
old 40 brakes

Here you can see the 40 brake drums that were originally on the green 40.
Before 1965 it had a metallic lime green body with gold suspension/rims!
Then sometime about 1965 they sprayed the front rims neon orange,
and the rear rims royal blue.
Must have been quite a sight.
f-100 brake

I ran these F-1 or F-100 front brakes on the green 40 instead.
The drums and shoes are barely worn.
After a little wire brushing and some black paint,
I remembered that there is a little grinding needed on the spindle.
Guess that'll be for tomorrow now.
stool time

Nothing like juggling projects!


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