27 June 2013

goat milk

You know you're in Mexico when...
goat milk passenger

You share your taxi with a 5 gallon jug of fresh warm goat milk!
Second only to sitting next to an actual goat.
The drive was in such a rush he didn't even have time to do the rum pit stop.
mexican beetle

This clean 68 or later beetle was parked in the walk up line.
There were a couple other things I wish I had gotten cellphone pics of.
One thing was a full scaffolding,
enough to reach the top of the PEMEX overhang - over 20 feet,
built in the bed of a mid-size truck,
with a guy on top who was cleaning the sides or replacing bulbs,
even while parked on this crazy sloped driveway.

Next time I'll make sure to have the camera ready to shoot.


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