10 June 2013

d is for deals

Happiness is waking up to a kid hovering over you,
rallying to go to for a swap meet scrounge session.
The other kids enjoy sleeping in,
but Jakob's ready to walk the aisles of junk.
foam conquistador

We found out that the SD swap meet has geared for the super early birds.
We're lucky to get there by 7:30ish,
which is late as buyer entry is 7AM.
I guess there are so many people scrounging for deals at the 5AM seller time,
that they are starting to sell early passes.
No wonder the scores have been light these past few times.
Jakob's skateboard score
dream 1.43 rolling boards deck
DGK wheels and deck

NO matter.
I'll actually be intentionally later just to not see any of the good stuff.
Otherwise sparse project money may be frittered away for something we don't need.
Jakob's focus is the skateboard guy.
His honor roll prize $$ was burning a hole in his pocket,
and this swap outing saved him almost half his dough,
which really meant ending up with twice as much stuff!

My pickings were light just a couple $1-2 books and some veggies.
We'll get our moneys worth out of these that's for sure.
Weird how it was also the D-day anniversary weekend.
jaguar d-type

I love these things.
If I ever break away from hot rodding this will be on the STD list...


And no I didn't pick up the foam conquistador!
At first it looks like wood and I had to stop.
Now looking at the picture dang it if I should have at least asked the price!

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