07 June 2013

learning curves

 Last night the goal sounded easy.
Finish off a couple pairs of those scoops started a while back.
perich brothers (and sister): brewing
production line

Earlier I figured a way to attach them.
It seemed quick and easy.
office space

A 1940 ford juice brake backing plate was dug out for the jig.
Usually there is only one scoop on the leading edge.
fit jig

A couple pair of the stainless steel scoops were matched up.
I tried a simple smooth edge first.
Easier to trim with the little band saw.
smoothy brake scoop

Then I tried the scalloped edge,
similar to the scoops on Chief.
Way more grinding to finish these off.
scalloped brake scoops

As usual the fitting took a while to do.
Now it was time to do some welding.
weld jig

Remember that back gasser I wanted to rig up a couple weeks ago?
perich brothers (and sister): justified splurge
That was for this exact moment.
Too bad it wasn't rigged up.
holey chit

The TIG burned spots on the back,
Ay caramba.
rough shine

Nothing some grinding and can't fix.
And polishing and filling and grinding and polishing...
smoothy hot rod brake scoop - perich brothers style

No sooner had the sun set and only 2 pair were made.
That was better than nothing,
and at least I learned a bit through trial and error.
scalloped hot rod brake scoop - perich brothers style

If you look closely below you can see what these are all about.
Those little shiny things on the brakes there.
Macey & Chief - 1929 roadster pickup with hallock windshield

At this rate it'll take some time to finish up all these things!


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