28 June 2013

fela friday

It's been dry on the audio scrounging lately.
Seems like people want either too much,
which is understandable,
or scroungers swipe stuff up too fast,
as a result of those new fangled search apps.
Besides that I'm trying to focus on finishing the car projects,
so my searches are a bit more sparse.
technics sb-6000a speaker

These bitchin 70's Technics sb-6000a speakers were posted up,
and they lingered and lingered for what seemed like a reasonable deal.
Thank the gods for older people that use craigslist!
A couple days later we got the lucky reply,
and after a trip to the hills of Tierrasanta we met the super nice guy,
and came back with the treasures.
technics sb-6000a speaker

For 35 year old speakers these were in great condition.
The rubber woofer surrounds were like new,
and they still had the original tweeters,
one of the things my old sb-7000a speakers lacked.
technics sb-6000a speaker

The only problem was some minor cat damage to the grille covers.
Cool to see the intricate wood work that went into these frames.

Now it was time for a sound check.

 Fela Kuti & Egypt '80 - 1984 glastonbury
confusion break bone & teacher don't teach me nonsense

This will probably scare the bejeezers out of most of you.
If you've got some time for background tunes give it a try.
The music doesn't start til the 5 minute mark and the first song is a halfie!
After a couple goes it's hypnotically addicting.
This was a crazy show for the 80's,
as Fela was basically a revolutionary symbol to the Nigerian government.
Not the safest time or place to be outspoken.
Fela Kuti - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anyway it's been good to have a musical change in the lineup.
Thanks Chip!
mini wall of sound

So how do they sound.
If you noticed these are a 2-way speaker,
a tweeter bolted on a big 12" woofer cabinet.
They sound just like they'd look - not too much midrange.
In a way this is a good thing,
as they don't sound as bright or blaring as the JBL or Klipsch when loud.
The crossover works surprisingly well blending the high's and lows.
(Obviously the positioning in the wall shelf isn't ideal,
but when your sitting down the tweeters are at ear level.)
The tweeters have a killer sound nice and crisp,
and the woofers will definitely thump especially with the loudness on.
technics sb-6000a

Keep a lookout they show up now and then!


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