14 June 2013

H is for hostage

All I needed to do was slap some green paint on Brandon's 36,
and get it out of here.
Instead I got a little carried away.
1936 ford coupe rear - after

It did look cleaner with the green rattle can.
Here's a before picture...
Still needs that chop though that's for sure!

The little hoodlet was never really finished up.
It was made on a template,
not on the actual car,
and while it was really close there was a little overhang.
brandon's 1936 5-window ford coupe

Nothing a little cutting and welding couldn't fix.
Looking on the underside reminded me how much work this was to make.
8-piece hoodlet

Had to sling some plastic to smooth things out.
1936 ford hoodlet

Now there was only one thing missing.
He had tricked me by leaving it here one more day.
Holding Chief hostage in his garage miles away.

A template was made the previous night,
and a rough T was cut out of some 1/8" aluminum.
I love that little band saw!
hammer time

After a ton of filing and hack hammering,
the piece was whittled into shape.
Better than I had imagined.
roughed in

The hammered look would have matched the rest of the car.
Something in my head said... "just a little more..."
brushed bullnose

Now only a few small blemishes remained,
and dang it this took almost as long as the rough shaping.
polished bullnose

The back side could have been cleaned up,
but this was prototype work.
Since it'll never be visible,
I kinda liked the drastic transition of work and show.
perich engineering

The little piece slipped in just like it was custom made.
1936 ford grille

Here is where my old droid phone starts to show its limitations.
The camera doesn't like the bright.
The wife just upgraded to an Iphone 5 the other day,
and I almost fell into the upgrade trap as well.
It's a quandary.
Have a bitchin camera-phone for you guys to see clear awesome pictures,
but then not want to hold it with dirty hands.
1936 ford custom grille bullnose

The bummer was Brandon picked up the hoodlet the night before,
to get it pinstriped for the LA roadster show.
Will the little bullnose piece line up?
1936 ford front

I didn't take any pics of him working to the Perich Brothers 34 watt light bulb.
Anyone can work in a lighted concrete floored garage.
nighty night chief

Finally Chief got his spot back.


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