23 June 2013

Jaxon's Treceñera or how to - clean drains

After over 3 long years,
we all finally bid adieu to an entity unlike no other,
Jaxon's HAIR!
Jaxon Perich - age 13 - 2013

In preparation for the big event,
I had to sport my traditional barbershop uniform.
Jaxon hair cut - 2006

The pic above is the top picture in that doorway in the below pic,
way back back in 2006 up in Ventura.
(Thanks Pigpen!)
Yeah I can keep T-shirts til there in tatters!
7 years is nothing...
butchering Jaxon's hair

Back in 4th grade,
the idea was to grow the boys hair out over the summer,
and at the 10 inch mark we'd cut it and send it to "locks of love",
the wig program for (usually) chemo patients.
That was 3 years ago now he's going into 8th grade!

Cutting his hair was a surreal experience,
compounded with the voodoo Fela Kuti '84 tunes in the background!
good times - jaxon and travis perich

This was such a big event even his grandparents came over to watch.
I'll dig up  pics from the multiple cellphones that were in action.
Look at all those years of troublemaking push-ups and sit-ups...
perich brothers (and sister): how to punish your kids
chop chop

Not sure if it was the spectacle or my master barber techniques,
but something scared the bejeezus out of Jakob,
as he decided to keep his long.
Nana and Jaxon Perich - 2013

Right after we took a walk up to his Great Grandmother - Nana,
and the reaction was well memorable!
She had been waiting for this moment since the 50's!
Wish we took a video of her and my uncle...
Jaxon Perich - 2013

For a couple days,
it was like - "whose this guy living with us?"
But now it's hard to believe he had grown his hair out for that long.
No more getting blamed for hairballs in the drains and floor.
macey, dad, and jaxon's hair

So now we wait to see what Jakob's gonna do...


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