07 March 2013

daisy chain

Our ancient MAC MINI computer was acting up again,
so it was time to give it the bi-annual tune-up.
new computer shelf

Computers are one of the few things that we buy new,
and then run into the ground.
This is the first intel version with 1.5 ghz solo chip,
still working since 2006.
mac mini 1.5 ghz solo

The past few weeks the computer was screaming for attention,
the fan was working way more than usual,
as it usually shouldn't even be on.
The heat was making it a little glitchy.
The dust bunny was a tell-tale sign of the problem.
mac mini air vents

The only way to cripple this otherwise bulletproof design,
is by putting the air intake vents on the bottom of the computer.
Sure enough dust was blocking the slotted holes.
That's how to engineer in planned obsolescence.
clogged mac mini air vents

A few minutes with the vacuum and a toothpick,
and the computer was like brand new.
clean mac mini air vents

In an effort to squeeze the most time out of our little workhorse,
it deserved a little dust proof throne.
Using the perfect piece of scrap wood from the refrigerator install...

...a quick shelf was whipped out.
computer shelf

The inevitable rattlecan paint job to make it blend in a bit...
custom computer shelf

This was the mess the computer had lived in for years,
sitting on the bottom of the shelf.
It is surprising how much dust accumulates back there.

I've got a slew of external hard drives,
and they are all daisy chained together.
daisy chained hard drives


Reconstruction - Jerry Garcia - Dear Prudence 7-8-79
A definitely chill version...
...horns, hammond and the wailing guitar creeps up on ya.


This idea was years in the making,
and took all of 45 minutes to finish,
and it looks like it did.
capo di monte red roses

We were so excited with the new clean space,
the perfect spot to showcase our treasures.
chinaman cart puller

At this point I didn't realize we had so many treasures.
94 carburetor core

The choices were endless.
USS Philippine Sea ash tray

Not much of a smoker or cigar chewer anymore.
Who is these days?
rabbit cage

The kids helped out in an effort to clean there own clutter.
piggy bank

I'm not sure where this stuff was coming from.
change stash jar

Finally some more realistic choices.
This change jar gets robbed of it's quarters all the time.

Finally the most logical choice appeared.
The daily tea cup from Ken.

Fortunately the computer is back into play,
silent and cool.
Maybe we can get another couple years out of it...


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