31 July 2012

white lines v.2

Now the old 40 is officially ready for the salt.
Hopefully the salt is from bonneville.
white lines

My original intent with the car was to make it a race car.
Something happened along the way,
maybe it was the fact that it costs alot of money,
maybe it was the fact I'm not as focused as a real racer should be.
Whatever the case,
yesterday I smudged a tube of "boat life" on all the bottom seams.
It's a marine grade sealant,
so should be perfect as a seam sealer in a car.

Had to add this in here.
Don't remember it being this long but it was 7th grade!
Yep now it's ready for the salt!
Bring it on.



  1. The important thing is I don't lose my cellphone or digital camera in the gaps of the floor.