24 July 2012

ultimate gasser

I've changed my mind and have decided to build the rusty 40 as a gasser.
The ultimate gasser.
ultimate 1940 ford gasser

So today the kids and I mocked it up for the new body mounts.
raised 1940 ford coupe

I've been confined to the shop the past week or so,
and the boys have been hanging out with me.
It's been really cool,
even though I can be a grouch sometimes.
perich brothers

Today they helped out with a couple projects.
The last one raising the body off the frame.
unfinished business

I was just kidding about the gasser chit.
Hey a guy could dream right!
Now that the back end was beefed up,
the  body could be lifted up,
and the bottom can be welded and painted.
dirty frame

The frame definitely needs a cleaning.
The sparse rattlecan coat didn't hold up too long.
I'll also boogie on the master cylinder mount while there's easy access.
jakob & jaxon perich

Thanks again boys for all the help.
You guys kick a$$!
(..rubber band snap...)


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