10 July 2012

grille work #1

Last night I found the time to do a quickee job I've been wanting to whip out.
ford e-350 van

Yes it was a non-essential project in a way.
However since the van as over 205,000 miles on it,
it deserves a little bling to show my appreciation.

This is the stuff my parents listened to when I was growing up.
Been listening to not-so-oldies radio a bit too much!
stool time

The idea started with these trippy rubber Signal Stat 620 fog lights from last year.
perich brothers (and sister): consolation prize
The pipe was a bent piece of 1 1/4" that we've been using as a breaker bar forever.
grille guard

It's not really a light bar cause the lights are bolted to the bumper,
and they're not hooked up yet.
modified front bumper

Now all it needs is a thick coat of that grey epoxy.
And more lights.
Bigger ones though.
I've got to scrounge up at least another set for the front and maybe another for the back.
You know it's fun to do quick projects like this.