22 July 2012

shiny speed parts

I had a little bit of a scare yesterday.
My 2 year old phone took a crap on me,
and for part of the day I thought I'd lost my picture stash.
Fortunately my wife had not ditched her old same phone
when I found a craigslist Iphone 4 for her,
so now I've got a nice clean working phone again,
and access to all the pictures I haven't posted up here.
Exciting huh!
chromed 1958+  oldsmobile rear end

I'm actually past due for a phone upgrade,
but am a little wary of the 2 year trap that Verizon sets along with the phone deals.
After looking at the new phones,
I've got to really think if it is even worth the swap up.
The smartphones are so ginormous and fragile looking.
It's taken all my effort to not ruin my current LG Ally phone,
which I already failed at.
chromed olds rear end

This only matters to you guys cause the majority of my pictures are with the cell phone.
I'm sure you can tell.

Hey it gets a little ridiculous carrying a digital camera, a cell phone, and an ipod!
chromed olds rearend

why would I want to get into debt when there are old speed parts to scrounge up?
The wife's replacement will suit me for now.
All I need is internet access during my down time.
1958-1962 oldsmobile pumpkin

That is how I scrounged up this badass piece of hot rod history.
Amazing what people would do back in the day.
Chrome everything.
The guy even chromed the brake drums,
which look to be brand new inside.
oldsmobile brakes

When a Ford 8 inch, 9 inch and the 50's oldsmobile are together,
it is obvious why this rear end was so desireable for drag racing.
The olds is comparable to a 9 3/4 inch.
ford vs oldsmobile rear ends

Sadly the overall width was too wide for either of the 40's.
The 5x5" bolt pattern didn't help as well.
It's going up north to a friend Ricky who has a better home for it,
a 56 chevy gasser.
Even though it's a one legger its a perfect period piece for his project.
Double bummer is I didn't get any pictures of Danny when he picked it up with his friend!
that's the reason the phone story matters to you.


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