05 July 2012


The rusty 40 project had a good size builders block to overcome,
this big ole hole.
big ole hole

I've been jumpin around the car patching the easy holes up,
and it was time to tackle these.
mini patch

First a mini patch was made to frame out the big hole.
big ole hole II

Oh yeah the other side had the same problem.
mini patch II

So this was whipped up last saturday morning,
before the wife went to work.


Grateful Dead - 31march1973 - buffalo NY
This is a rippin show.
It is amazing what can get done with some good tunes.
How did he figure out that guitar solo on "they love each other" @ 1:04?
Than the truckin-other one-i know you rider with all the jams inbetween is sick.
Good chit.

So yesterday we had a July 4th family get together,
and of course that's when I pounded these patches out.
driver's side patch

The driver's side went in easier than planned.
It's not the prettiest but the hole is filled.
This was about 5:45 and the bbq had already started.
I thought, "just 15 more minutes..."
solid fender well

Needless to say I was a little late for the dinner.
There is a bit of welding and small gap filling to do still,
but I'm over the hump.


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