11 July 2012

grille work #2

Last week capped off my front teeth adventures down in TJ.

Remember they don't use temporary crowns down there,
so I had some big gaps for almost a month.
It was weird at first but than it became kinda normal.
I'm sure I could have requested temporaries but I was going low budget.
dental impressions

Cause all my money was going into these babies.
gold crowns

I was surprised how little gold is actually used in them,
they area really light.
gold crowns

There is a grey base material that somehow acts as a better adhesive to the cement.
test fit

The technician did a really good job making the crowns,
thanks to the mold made by my dentista.

Okay this is gross,
but if you look at that top tooth above the gold ones,
there is a brown burnt part next to the gum.
That is from stuffing my mouth full of salty sunflower seeds.
Bad habit so don't do it.
TJ dental visit

This is what they look like installed.
Okay my kids are wondering if I was drinking during this picture.
Actually I had just finished a root canal in the back of my mouth,
so I was a little worn out.
gold teeth

I don't think I could rock a top gold tooth,
but the bottom ones I can handle.
The kids say I can be a pirate for Halloween,
so what better excuse for some rum on the way home.
TJ score

This was our TJ score for the day.
The booze was under $20,
and the meds were under $20.
Such a deal.

I wish I could say this was it,
but now the molar is on it's way too.


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