09 July 2012

urban hunting

Last year I mentioned something about Papa's Shed...
perich brothers (and sister): Papa's Shed - penetray color wheel
We had cleaned it out a little too good,
and now it was a stash spot for all my grandmother's (Nana) recycling.
papa's shed

This was a picture over a year ago.
jaxon & jakob perich

This is a picture today.
Check out the bottom of the doors there.
tom & jerry style

I watched a ton of cartoons as a kid,
like Tom & Jerry,
so I know a mouse hole when I see it.

Supposedly a rat or 2 was seen lurking in the shed.
You don't want to tell my grandmother there are rat's on her property,
she won't sleep at night.

I made sure to get some big ole rat traps,
and set them up in the shed,
using my Dad's tried and true concoction of bacon and peanut butter.

The next day I had my plastic bag ready to get rid of some dead bodies.
But nope,
I got skunked.
Somehow the little buggers had licked the peanut butter clean off the traps,
without setting them off.
victor mouse trap history

Fortunately I had also bought some mouse traps for the kids to play with.
It's always a fun toy for 5-11 year olds.
vintage victor mouse trap

They are so fun that Jake tried to sneak one out of the pack.
Lucky for him my grandfather had a bunch of them in the shed.
Good ole Pop.
Check out this old one that was hanging up on the door.
This was before they integrated the fancy rat face into the V.
old victor mouse trap

This one is also an oldie but goodie.
Instead of the metal bait holder,
it is a piece of wood.
While we were dosing them with the  bacon and peanut butter,
I was wondering why they would go through all the hassle with the wood.
5 mouse traps

With the traps set up in the shed,
it was only a matter of time.

Of course the Perich Museum of Victor Mouse Traps got me to thinking.
I spent a couple minutes perusing the internet and wow there are so many types of traps now.
These old spring types are like traditional hot rods.

cheesy trap

This one caught my eye cause of the piece of plastic cheese that is the pad.
Why would they do this?
I found out the traps are supposed to be perpendicular to the path,
and baiting the traps was just an option.
properly set mouse traps

Back we went to properly set the mouse and rat traps
in a perpendicular to path orientation.
There are 8 traps set in total.

Another trick is to train the mice or rats to eat from tripped traps,
so they get comfortable with the traps as a food source.
I am hoping this won't be that difficult so let's see what happens.


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