01 August 2012


What a difference a year  makes.
The "king of clubs" car show and drag races were this weekend.
You would think the old pickup Chief could make it the 30 miles.
stubborn roadster pickup

Admittedly I haven't been driving it too much lately.
My plan was to spend friday night tuning the hot rod for the drive.

When Danny, Randy and the girls dropped by late friday,
the bottle of rum appeared,
and I figured since the pickup drove around the neighborhood ok,
it would just clean itself out after a couple miles.
ron bacardi anejo

It was Danny's birthday,
so tried to get him drunk off some girlie drinks.
Amazing how buzzed you can get off of rum/oj/cranberry!
Didn't even take any pics!
barona speedway

After waking up not to bright and early,
we piled in Chief and it was obvious something was not quite right.
I spent the morning trying to figure it out the problem,
and it got better but was way to stubborn.
The whole day had passed and the kids and I took the van.
kiwi kevs trick column mount

We didn't get to see much racing,
but it was worth it seeing some old friends.
I took about 5 pictures and 2 were blurry.
race car window installation

I like looking at the little details to modify for future projects.
cool 1955 chevy pickup

Danny and Lucy had driven the newly painted "Hemi Time" down,
their 36 ford pickup.
I told him he should have painted it after we chopped it.
Oh well.
oxnard pharoahs

Here's a link to some good videos and pics of the show.
DynoDanny's Garage

So now I have a year to get one of my old cars roadworthy!


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