19 July 2012

three way

My third and hopefully final tijuana root canal.
Holy chit.
root canal dental file party

Thankfully they have anesthetic.
Those little needle files go down to the tips of each root.
He uses the x-ray and those white spacers to mark the correct depth.
root canal - molar

The preliminary grind was done a couple days earlier.
He said my tongue was involuntarily pushing the tools,
so this time he wrapped my face in that rubber sheet.
drowning in my spit

Pretty much one of my more uncomfortable experiences.
My mouth was full of spit and the vacuum wouldn't suck it out,
cause of the seal from the rubber sheet.
In addition he's jamming those files into my jaw.
It wasn't very fun.
Still have to go down a couple more times.
I'm gonna floss more.


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