02 July 2012

death of doom cult

Last week I found out that my 160 gig ipod classic wasn't waterproof.
My lunch containers were piling up,
so I figured it was time to bring them home.
Put them on the front seat of the van along with the ipod.
ipod dissassembly

Half an hour later the wife finds the ipod in the dishwater.
It was actually on.
You know that "holey chit" feeling when you know you screwed up?
chewed up ipod

I had read that cellphones could be saved by disassembling them,
and drying them out in some rice.
A quick search found a video of some guy opening up an ipod.
Yeah he had a special tool,
but a sharpened screwdriver would work fine right?
Totally chewed it up.
ipod drying

I could live with a hacked up ipod though.
Over night the ipod sat in the bag of rice,
a cheap home remedy dessicant.

The next day I expected the ipod to magically turn on.
Maybe not dry enough.
Later that day I tried again.
It has been sitting on the table for a couple days now,
and I still have lingering hopes for it to work.

perich brothers (and sister): born again ipod

With its evil history the ipod was already doomed.
new old 80 gig ipod classic

Usually there are tons of 80-160gb ipods on craigslist for cheap,
especially around the end of the month when people need money.
Of course this weekend there were no deals.
Hey I'm cheap!
I ended up putting a WTB ad and had one offer for an 80 gigabyte version.
Beggars can't be choosers and he even drove close by to meet up.
This one has a rap or hip hop background,
and the wife had some fun with it.
Too bad songs can't be moved around to different ipods.

Anyway time for round 2.


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