17 July 2012

bye cheese!

Sunday we said goodbye to the chocolate and cheese roadster.
1927 ford
Chocolate & Cheese Roadster

The engine was buttoned up by my head mechanic...
ford flathead mechanic macey

and a floor was whipped out.

This was a better floor than the Red Dot!
trunk floor

Right before the trailer arrived,
the kids and I swapped out the rear tires.
This hot rod stuff is a family affair!
chocolate & cheese roadster

Ben D arrived right on schedule and we loaded up the roadsters,
without a winch!
Ben D trailer rig

The C&C was with good company.
A 1932 roadster was picked up in colorado to be shipped to New Zealand.
precious cargo

The guy had built this one for the past 30 years,
and decided he would rather have a 1940 convertible.
1932 ford roadster

This thing had all the right traditional parts -
an Ardun flathead, Culver City Halibrand, quickchange,
 and curved stewart warner gauges.
Boxes of mystery parts to finish it up.
curved stewart warner gauges

Someone in New Zealand is a lucky guy.
1927 ford roadster

The old roadster was strapped down and ready for its road trip.
One last look.
Me and the Cheese

No I'm not hiding tears under the glasses.
It's going to a good home.
Now it is time to wrap up some of these other projects.
Thanks Dan!
Jaxon with the antique lawnmower

Jaxon was finally able to mow the grass underneath the roadster,
using the ancient lawnmower from papa's shed.
In the old days I used to use this thing to mow my grandparents lawn!


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