26 July 2012

march in july

Ken had been fighting the belt and pulley system for the small block chevy.
The pieced together kit was only missing one part,
but it was unavailable separately.
chevy small block

After some hemming and hawing,
he went for it and got the March belt kit.
march belt kit

Time was a-wasting so the other day I had some time to assemble it.
The kids even helped out.
perich brothers

A new water pump was supplied with the kit,
and even though the old one was probably fine,
it's not worth taking all this stuff off if there's a leak.

All that model painting paid off.
The kids sprayed some of the bare metal pieces.
modified chevy water pump

Since he has a billet timing cover,
the bolts had to be swapped out for the button heads.
bad instructions

You would think that the kit would come with good instructions.
There are part numbers punched in to the pieces,
but they didn't match the numbers on the paper.
Good thing there were pictures.
march belt kit installed

The March kit wasn't too tough an install.
The only complaint is the fasteners are cheesy galvanized grade 5's.
Some stainless bolts will be swapped out,
fortunately they can be replaced without disassembling the whole unit.
removeable firewall

My biggest headache is this firewall.
There are still 3 holes to fill.
I tacked some bent TIG rod to match the space needed,
and now the work can be done on my new bench.
blue work bench

This is the new old work bench I mentioned a couple days ago.
Yes the bench is tilted not the picture!
It's a great free work platform.
Now just have to finish this firewall.


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