27 July 2012

ultimate funny car

Oh man I'd love to make this into a funny car.
Imagine pulling into a spot,
flipping some hydraulics,
and the whole body lifts up.
ultimate funny car
1940 ford coupe

Yes that would be wild.
chopped 1940 ford coupe

Today the boys and I spent some time rearranging the shop.
A huge pile of junk had grown in the open space.
junk pile

It didn't take long to clean it up,
and slide the frame into the work spot.
custom 1940 frame

Now that the body and frame are separated,
there is a list of stuff do depending on time.
*add leaves to front spring
*swap to 9 inch rear end
*scrub and paint frame/floor
*mock up 351/t-10 transmission
*fabricate brake assembly + lines
*mount fuel tank/lines
And that is the short list!
1940 ford coupe body

The body needs work too.
The floor seams will be cleaned up,
then a nice thick coat of epoxy primer.
bare floor

I spent an hour grinding all the weld globs and splatter that I couldn't get at before.
A dirty job but man I've been wanting to do this for a long time.
bare frame

Probably 2 years has passed since the frame and body were separated.
I'm gonna bust some a$$ to get them together quickly.


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