23 July 2012

secret stash spot

Over the weekend I finally made some time for the old 40 project.
It was about time.
backside 40 ford coupe

There was this nagging hole in the trunk compartment.
A small space that needed multiple panels.
holey chit


The Who - Eminence Front - 2006
I remember watching the video on MTV as a kid,
when there were like 5 videos including that one by Journey with the girl walking.
Anyway this song even 30 years old is still too true.
The time making those little sheet metal clamps has really paid off.
I've used them a ton the past couple weeks,
even though I haven't posted the pics yet.
patch panels

I started on the templates friday night,
which was a total waste of time.
The next morning the design was changed a little.
I really wanted to make them one 3-sided piece,
but it was too time consuming.
sheet metal clamps in action

These sheet metal clamps are totally awesome.
stool time

A couple ugly tacks and the panels were stuck.
tacked up

The project had to wait til this evening to finish up.
The front gap corner was filled,
and a long strip was cut out to match the bottom hole.
13 sheet metal clamps

All 13 clamps were used in this little space.
There is a transition from the flat rusty piece,
to the curved rear panel,
and these little buggers did a perfect job.
I'll weld it up later.
tacked up

This area really magnified the deficiencies of the auto-darkening helmet.
Even with 4-sensors,
I was flashed countless times,
especially working in the corner sections.
Those diagonal support bars would block the top sensors,
and the rear panel would block the bottom sensors.
Sitting higher would help a little but made the welding tougher.
Oh well.
I'll be finish welding it with the old standby helmet.
1940 ford tool bag

The new secret stash spot was made for a specific purpose,
holding an original 1940 tool bag -
including the jack, tire iron, and a slew of FORD tools.
In a stock car,
there is a wood door that covers the area.
secret stash spot

This may also be a good spot for moonshine as well.
Make sure not to tell anyone.


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