14 July 2012

doom cult lives!

The forces of friday the 13th were at work yesterday.
Remember the busted ipod I dropped in the kitchen sink?
ipod coma

perich brothers (and sister): death of doom cult

It had been 2 weeks since the plunge,
and every day we'd push the button hoping for it to live again.
IPOD whisperer

Well we called in to the higher powers,
the ipod whisperer came by and did a chant on it,
and what the heck do you think happened the next morning?
submerged ipod lives!

Unbelievably it came to life!
Sounds great,
nothing was erased,
and all the water spots in the screen had disappeared!
jaxon and the reborn ipod

It's pretty incredible that it is working.
The ipod was in the sink for over half an hour.
The insides were soaked,
then the ipod sat in a bag or rice for a couple days.
ipod and rice bag

Since I ruined the edge,
and also the little metal clips that keep the pieces closed,
a little tape will have to do for now.
reborn ipod

It kinda reminded me of this time wasting website.

There I Fixed It - Funny Bad Repairs - white trash repairs - Cheezburger - BETA

Time to blast some tunes.


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