30 July 2012


Just finished mixing up a big batch of red epoxy primer.
Surprised I can even type right now.
not elephant man

Last week I had basically finished up the removeable firewall for the Hurtlocker Truck.
I'll post up some shiny steel pics soon.
I had smoothed the seams with this epoxy fairing putty,
so it looks slick for a firewall.
red frame

Another goal was to clean up the 40 frame a little bit.
The inside of the tubing had rusted up,
so I spent some time with the stool and a little wire brush scrubbing.
Not much fun but necessary.
Still not sure how it had gotten so rusty so quick.
red floor

Another hour or so was eaten up prepping the floor bottom.
I had to restring the body so the straps could be moved,
than the grinding started for way too long.
Now that the first coat is slapped on,
I can use a seam sealer to close up any catchall spots.
There are still a couple gaps that need some patches welded too,
but I couldn't wait to get the majority of it painted.

I've got a feeling it won't look that great in the morning.
That's okay as it is the first of 2 coats.


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