16 July 2012

gateway choppers

We snuck up to Santa Ana today and the kids had one of those life changing moments.
Jakob with stingray chopper

We paid our good madman friend Sloppy Sin an unexpected visit.
Jaxon with 24" chinagirl

He pulled out his stash of chinagirl motorized bicycles.
The kids were a little hesitant in the beginning,
this was their first time on a motorbike.
Jakob on chopper

A couple laps around the local parking lot and they were hooked.
My biggest concern was they would go too fast and careen into the curb.
I was proud they had really good control of the situation.
Jaxon on bobber

We lost track of time while watching them.
It was alot of fun.
Now I'm in trouble they want their own.
Sloppy even hooked them up with a motor kit.
This is how it all starts...
boys and their toys

He's got some cool stuff.
The BSA chopper is one of his commuters.
Sloppy's rigs

And so is this little commercial truck.
I'm not sure what brand it is,
but it held that chopper no problem.
little commercial truck van

Some of you may recognize his iconic roadster pickup.
Probably wondering what had happened to it.
hibernating roadster pickup

It's in hibernation.
A busted transmission,
but there is a plan to pull it out of its dormancy.
see ya pops!

Thanks Sloppy and Lily for an unexpectedly great time!

TP and the boys


  1. Yup, that is how it all starts. the little truck must be Dihatsu. about 700cc, smaller than some motorcycles but they're hard workers.

  2. They're hooked!

    The engine in the little truck is underneath the seats,
    with a large access hatch in the bed floor.
    The previous owner ripped out the glove box,
    so there would be enough room for the passengers legs!