18 February 2011

Papa's Shed - penetray color wheel

So my grandmother (Nana) has been bugging us about cleaning up Papa's shed.
He died a couple years ago and she's been trying to clear out all his treasures.

papa's shed & truck

She had warned us that the gardener was going to be taking a bunch of stuff,
so yesterday my brother and I went to check it out.

*good thing Nana's doesn't go on the computer.
She would be really upset of that picture with all the junk outside!

treasure chest

In his later years,
he would hang out here for hours,
listening to the ballgame, tinkering with stuff,
talking to the people walking up and down the alley...

papa's treasures

Yep, this is it.
What were you expecting?
It was just a garden tool shed!
Full of the typical paint, nuts/bolts, car fluids, bug poisons...
But hey, what's that down there...

penetray motorized color wheel 

If you know anything about 60's car shows,
you'll know what this is!

deluxe model

Not quite sure why he had this,
there was no electricity back there.
He did have a knack for picking up cool stuff though.

150 watts of fun

Fortunately the light bulb worked.
Now I just need to build a show car!

My wife was on one of her mekimusic tears,
usually means she was thinking about her family...

So you're wondering about that old green pickup?
We'll talk about that later.


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