05 September 2011

consolation prize

I had hoped to make a run for the Primer Nationals up in Ventura this weekend,
but nope, a little too hectic this week.
A friend had said something about a swap meet deal at the stadium,
so me and my oldest kid Jaxon went.
It was a good diversion to get his head away from thinking about the first day of school tomorrow.

(insert picture of long haired 11 year old...)

So we went out there,
and out of all our cars,
 I drove the Lincoln to make sure it was freeway ready for the wife.
Remember the starter had busted on the RPU so that was a no go,
and really I was just wanting to do a quick swap meet pass anyway.

$450 buggy project

There was a good showing for a local swap like this.
Guess everyone wants to clear their garages and make a hard buck.
This little vw buggy project was cool.
Just what I don't need really, right now anyway.

stromberg 97 carburetors

This guy had the stash of 97 carburetors.
They all were rebuilt and I think were around $200 - 250, not bad.

It's funny walking around other peoples junk.
It makes me more comfortable with my clutter of stuff at the shop and garage.
I used to rally and pack up loads of stuff to sell at these things,
but I'd end up basically trading junk for junk.
Maybe next time.

1953-ish studebaker truck

There was also a bunch of cars.
I liked this studebaker pickup.
They really had some style back then.

1933 or 1934 tudor sedan

This sedan was almost too perfect.

willy's pickup

This willy's pickup was really cool too.
For some reason I gravitate towards the rusty cars.
I don't know what's wrong with me.

1940 ford deluxe coupe
with rain gutters removed

It's probably cause like everyone I see the flaws in the nice paint.
This ford coupe was a cool street rod,
but someone had removed the rain gutter along the top.
The paint was perfect other than the shrinking from the filler to do it.
That would annoy me.
Give me an old patina'd car any day.

80's cop car

This old police car brought back some memories.
Not bad memories!
These things were all over San Diego when I was growing up.
I'd love to do some donuts in the parking lot in it.

A light rain ended our brief morning outing.
There was a really nice set of '40 ford headlight buckets,
too perfect for tres huevos,
but the guy wouldn't budge from $50 to $40 so I passed.
All we got were a couple fog lights.

$5 fog lights

Lucky that all the bulbs work too.
The matching pair have rubber housings,
perfect for the van's future front bumper project.

Signal Stat 620 fog light

Yep another exciting day!


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