31 January 2012

born again ipod

A couple weeks ago the old trusty Apple took a shit.

sound system

With a whopping 13 gigabyte hardrive,
the imac was the brains behind the shop sound system for at least 6 years.
It was only shut down during power outages and moves.

After trudging through the shop hours with the radio,
it was obvious something needed to be done.
Out of habit,
I actually searched for a replacement IMAC DV.
new and old apples
1999 - 2012

Than the wife let me borrow her older 8G ipod.
With less than 1G of free space,
it was obvious my own was needed.

Since most of my bootleg stuff is large WAV files (vs mp3's)
I needed the most memory possible.

So I studied up,
and found out the "Ipod Classic" was the way to go.

"doom cult"

On craigslist there was a good selection,
keeping the resale price really low.
I found a beater 160G for under $100,
and opened up a world yet unbeknownst to me.

death black heavy thrash metal

abhorrence, absu, amputator, angel corpse, antaeus, archgoat, arkhon infaustus, axis of advance,  bathory,
behemoth, beherit,  bestial mockery, bestial raids, bestial warlust,  black witchery, blasphemophagher,
blasphemy, brutal truth, carpathian forest, cemetery urn,  chainsaw carnage, conqueror, contrivisti,
coven, cremation,  deicide, demonic rage,  destruktor, the devil's blood, diocletian, enthroned,
exhumed,  goatpenis,  gospel of the horns,  impaled nazarene, inquisition, kerasphorus,  macabre,  marduk,
mayhem,  mercyful fate,  morbosidad,  nausea,  nifelheim,  nocturnal, nocturnal breed,  nunslaughter,
order from chaos, pest 5000,  portal,  profanatica,  revenge, rihanna,  sabbat, sarcafago,  slaughtbath,
sodom, sons of satan,  spearhead,  suffocation, temple below,  toxic holocaust, truppensturm,  von,
vulcano,  warkult, watain, weapon, 1349

1722 songs
4.5 days
11.18 g

The seller (edgar) had a penchant for some crazy satanic death metal shit.
The Ipod was named "DOOM CULT".
If you're a long time reader,
it's obvious this isn't my thing.
I did have a decent obsession with the first 3 Tool albums and some punk like the Bronx,
so there was a little curiosity to hear some new sounds.

Maybe I didn't listen to some of the right songs,
but it all sounded a little too caveman,
or a little too creepy,
and not in a good way.
With 3 impressionable kids,
I couldn't have the stuff so easy to access.
(although I did try to save it to an external hard drive with no luck)

So edgar's collection dwindled down to
140 songs
2 hours
200 MB

I did have a laugh though,
as with all this name brand death metal,
his top hits were...

satanic edgar's top picks

...Lady Gaga, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Manson.
Not much creepier than reading into a guys psyche through his musical taste.

I've never listened to these bands,
so gave it a shot.
Not quite sure how this stuff got so popular.


It amazes me Apple's technological advancement in 13 years.
That little Ipod is 12 times larger than the old Imac,
and only the size of a deck of cards.
And it sounds just as good,
without the occasional freeze.
And even has an equalizer option.
Crazy cool.

dead weight

So what better resting place for an old workhorse,
than rolling around the back of the Lincoln.


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