01 February 2012


One thing I know about my work style,
is if I've got some momentum,
don't stop.

popa - left

On that note I decided to knock out some more patch panels,
further increasing the linear feet I need to finish weld.

one down

This tail pan has a long history,
originally on our green 40 coupe,
and man was it smashed up.

popa - right

I must have hammered that piece a thousand times if not more.
It turned out better than the one that wasn't there.

two more

So that looks good there right?
Weld it up and be done with it right?


Had to keep going.


I've done this patch before,
and it didn't turn out as good.
This was before my special wood hammering block.


This was all monday evening.
It sucks to leave stuff unfinished,
so tuesday I was on fire.


tool - sweat - 1992
good chit


Its weird knowing exactly what you need to do.

deja vu

I think it took longer to eat than it did to do this,
and it came out better than the other side.

sealed up

I really should have stopped there.
Everything was going fine and there's alot of welding to do.

holey chit

I've been looking for some 1941 studebaker lights for years.
There's no way I'm gonna spend $500 on some tail lights.
This '39 ford style will work out just fine.

post surgery

The bummer is the lights stick out like a bug crawling on a leaf.


I need to hammer out a bucket and sink them into the fender a bit.

big booty
1940 1939 ford coupe
chopped and sectioned

This is way better than it was a couple days ago so I'm content.
Now... what's next...


oh yeah,
popa is mexican boat worker slang for ass end -stern.
proa is the bow or front part.

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